Practice Manager

Dental Practice Analysis

NGT Partners Group has developed a self-assessment to give dental practices insights into whether or not their front office, back office and management are operating optimally and using best practices. It will identify some of the key functions of practice operations that could be upgraded to help your practice improve and prosper.

Examples of the Benefits of Taking This Self-Assessment:

=> Front Office
• Assess whether your appointment reminder system needs improvement
• Evaluate whether your scheduling protocols are optimal
• Identify ways to improve new patient intake processes

=> Back Office
• Assess whether your staff need additional training to reduce over-dependence on one individual
• Evaluate treatment coordination
• Identify ways to better monitor and control expenses for supplies.

=> Clinical Operations
• Assess whether the entire team is on the same page regarding care?
• Identify ways to improve clinical operations
• Determine strategies to generate additional revenue

=> Management
• Assess whether you’re tracking and monitoring key financial metrics
• Identify ways to improve staff performance
• Determine strategies to increase revenue
  • Surveys
  • Front Office
  • Back Office & Clinical
  • Management
  • Survey Assessment
  • Survey Results
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed