Practice Manager

Communication & Mindset: Essentials for a Successful Dental Practice

Are you looking for new ideas to move your dental practice to the next level? You’ll be amazed by the transformational power of effective communication and the right mindset. In this course, we provide you and your staff with tips on cultivating a mindset that embraces change, growth, and improvement. We’ll also give you examples of targeted communication strategies to improve rapport with patients and increase treatment acceptance rates. When you equip your staff with great communication skills and the right mindset, you’ll enhance success in all areas of your dental practice.

Benefits to your organization:

- Strengthen connections with patients
- Foster the type of mindset that facilitates growth, improvement, and change
- Increase treatment acceptance rates
- Cultivate a more positive organizational culture
- Develop high-performing teams

Who should enroll in this course:

- Practice managers
- Treatment coordinators
- Any dental practice team member
- Dentists

Benefits to course participants:

- Learn strategies that help you to optimize communication in your practice
- Identify the type of mindset that facilitates growth, improvement, and change
- Acquire strategies to increase treatment acceptance rates
- Improve communication/relationships with patients
- Learn how to shift your mindset in ways that improve your professional and personal life

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

- Identify elements of effective communication at an organizational, team, and individual level
- Recognize the value of articulating a practice vision and mission
- Describe ways to communicate practice vision, mission, and values
- Recognize the characteristics of effective team communication
- Describe signs of a positive organizational culture
- Identify the types of communication that help foster high-performing teams
- Recognize the value of high-performing teams
- Identify a few communication strategies that promote treatment acceptance
- Use a few effective tactics for asking for referrals
- Identify the characteristics of an effective mindset
- Describe a few ways to improve your mindset

Release Date: 03/12/2019

  • Assessment
  • Mindset Self-Assessment
  • Survey Results
  • Results Interpretation
  • Course Activity
  • Communication & Mindset: Essentials for a Successful Dental Practice
  • Summary
  • Key Take-Aways
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed