Practice Management

Elevating Dental Practice Performance through Morning Huddles (PM001)

If you’re not currently holding morning huddles, you will likely be amazed by the positive changes you’ll see in your practice when you implement them. As you probably know, a morning huddle is a quick meeting (about 15 minutes) with all staff each morning. The purpose is to optimize practice performance by making sure everyone is working together in a highly coordinated way and the team is fully prepared for the day. Additional benefits include having everyone in the team focused on advancing practice goals.

Benefits to your organization:
• Optimization of practice performance
• Progress toward production and collections goals
• Optimization of new patient experience
• Increased staff engagement
• Reinforcement of organizational culture

Who should enroll in this course:
• Practice/office managers
• Dentists

Benefits to course participants:
• Learn strategies for holding highly effective morning huddles
• Develop morning huddle facilitation skills
• Avoid common pitfalls of morning huddles

On successful completion of this course, you should be able to:
 Describe morning huddles
 Identify the main purpose of morning huddles
 Discuss the benefits of morning huddles
 Describe ways to motivate team members through morning huddles
 Discuss reasons why morning huddle recommendations work
 Describe what can go wrong in a morning huddle
 Describe successful morning huddle structures
 Identify possible topics for a morning huddle
 Identify the meeting items different team members can contribute
 Describe additional strategies for holding great morning huddles
  • Elevating Practice Performance through Morning Huddles
  • Key Take-Aways
  • QUIZ
  • Elevating Dental Practice Performance through Morning Huddles Quiz
  • Course Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever